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New Zealand hand-made Queensberry albums

“Everyone has a story to tell. We believe every special event in a family’s history is an expression of love, connection, continuity and pride. Our business is crafting memories… fairy tales, love stories, special moments … into treasured objects to enjoy, reflect upon and share forever.”

Queensberry Albums

What distinguishes a Queensberry is the human touch. Queensberry are committed to creating the best bespoke albums in the world. A wealth of history and experience resides in the album-makers and photographic technicians, who live and breathe the Queensberry craft. Each album is handmade with the finest materials; each photograph printed in the knowledge that these albums will hold treasured memories forever. Queensberry select leathers from the finest tanneries, as well as the best man-made alternatives. The papers and boards come from environmentally sustainable European mills. These are made to their specifications to ensure their suitability for long-term photographic presentation, and textured to enhance the paper’s natural qualities. Each page you turn is one to remember.

Product_Queensberry_Album_Wedding_Tim_Whittaker_photographer_photography_Hawkes Bay001.jpgProduct_Queensberry_Album_Wedding_Tim_Whittaker_photographer_photography_Hawkes Bay002.jpgProduct_Queensberry_Album_Wedding_Tim_Whittaker_photographer_photography_Hawkes Bay003.jpgProduct_Queensberry_Album_Wedding_Tim_Whittaker_photographer_photography_Hawkes Bay004.jpgProduct_Queensberry_Album_Wedding_Tim_Whittaker_photographer_photography_Hawkes Bay005.jpgProduct_Queensberry_Album_Wedding_Tim_Whittaker_photographer_photography_Hawkes Bay006.jpgProduct_Queensberry_Album_Wedding_Tim_Whittaker_photographer_photography_Hawkes Bay007.jpgProduct_Queensberry_Album_Wedding_Tim_Whittaker_photographer_photography_Hawkes Bay008.jpgProduct_Queensberry_Album_Wedding_Tim_Whittaker_photographer_photography_Hawkes Bay009.jpgProduct_Queensberry_Album_Wedding_Tim_Whittaker_photographer_photography_Hawkes Bay010.jpgProduct_Queensberry_Album_Wedding_Tim_Whittaker_photographer_photography_Hawkes Bay011.jpg

Coffeetable Book, made in Australia

The Coffeetable books are made in Australia and are good quality books, that we have offered for many years. Our supplier has won many printing awards and even supplied books to Buckingham Palace.

“Our albums and books are individually designed for every customer. We have lots of samples to view in our studio, so come and visit, you’ll be inspired and impressed by their beauty and sophistication.”

Silke Whittaker, Designer

c6-Product_Queensberry_Album_Wedding_Tim_Whittaker_photographer_photography_Hawkes Bay012.jpgc81-Product_Queensberry_Album_Wedding_Tim_Whittaker_photographer_photography_Hawkes Bay013.jpgProduct_Queensberry_Album_Wedding_Tim_Whittaker_photographer_photography_Hawkes Bay014.jpgProduct_Queensberry_Album_Wedding_Tim_Whittaker_photographer_photography_Hawkes Bay015.jpgProduct_Queensberry_Album_Wedding_Tim_Whittaker_photographer_photography_Hawkes Bay016.jpgProduct_Queensberry_Album_Wedding_Tim_Whittaker_photographer_photography_Hawkes Bay018.jpgProduct_Queensberry_Album_Wedding_Tim_Whittaker_photographer_photography_Hawkes Bay019.jpgProduct_Queensberry_Album_Wedding_Tim_Whittaker_photographer_photography_Hawkes Bay021.jpgProduct_Queensberry_Album_Wedding_Tim_Whittaker_photographer_photography_Hawkes Bay022.jpgProduct_Queensberry_Album_Wedding_Tim_Whittaker_photographer_photography_Hawkes Bay023.jpgProduct_Queensberry_Album_Wedding_Tim_Whittaker_photographer_photography_Hawkes Bay024.jpgProduct_Queensberry_Album_Wedding_Tim_Whittaker_photographer_photography_Hawkes Bay025.jpgProduct_Queensberry_Album_Wedding_Tim_Whittaker_photographer_photography_Hawkes Bay026.jpg

Proof Book included in our Classic and Premium Package

With our Classic and Premium Package you receive a proof book with all your selected images in chronological order for easy viewing. This book comes in 11×8 inch format. You can exchange this proof book for a set of 6×4 prints.


Canvas Prints and Framed Prints

What better way to celebrate your marriage than by having your favourite wedding photograph displayed for all to see.  Canvas and framed prints are both excellent options and both are produced here in Hawke’s Bay by locally owned and operated businesses. The quality of their products is excellent and you will be able to enjoy your images presented this way for years to come. Samples of both Canvas Prints and Framed Prints are available to view at the Tim Whittaker Photography office .


“We make sure all our providers reproduce your wedding images with as much care and attention as we put in to capturing them.”

Tim Whittaker, Wedding Photographer