Meet our team


Tim_Whittaker_Photography_wedding_photographer_Hawke's Bay

Tim Whittaker, Director and Photographer

Tim Whittaker’s approach is to capture the moments as they happen, not create photo opportunities. Tim is unobtrusive, spontaneous, experienced, passionate and always prepared for anything. Tim maximises light, location and weather to photograph you and your big day in  way you will treasure forever. Every emotion, every special detail; the unexpected moments, the laughter, the intimacy.

Wedding days whizz by too fast. When you look back on the photos captured on that day you’ll see so many moments you missed, that’s why your choice in wedding photographer is very important.

Tim has empathy and understanding, he is calm and experienced, with two small children he is adept at working with kids.

Tim also has experience capturing engagement parties and ‘drown the gown’ sessions.

“I have captured over 400 weddings and no two have ever been alike!”

Tim Whittaker, Wedding Photographer






Silke Whittaker, Director 

Silke holds the team together with her design, organisation and people skills. Although she is not a photographer she has plenty of experience behind the scenes on all kinds of shoots most importantly  weddings.

Silke also designs wedding books and albums, handles orders, queries, bookings and accounts, and is your first point of contact to make sure you have your perfect day captured perfectly!


“I love being involved in one of the most amazing days our clients will have in their lives. Sitting in front of the screen when designing wedding books really makes me smile, and occasionally even shed a tear!”

Silke Whittaker, Designer